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I am wondering how to set caller tones on my BB Pearl 8100.... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question How do I set caller tones?


    I am wondering how to set caller tones on my BB Pearl 8100.

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    I am assuming you mean a special ring tone, and not the ring back tunes (which I thought had to be set/purchased from service provider). Forgive me if I'm wrong.

    Go to your Address Book.

    Click on the contact you went to set a tone for.

    Menu click "Edit."

    Menu click again; scroll down to click Add custom ring tone (something like that).

    Select song or tone.

    **** If you are a Tmo customer with MyFaves, and the contact you are adding is a MyFave contact, you MUST go into MyFaves and assign the same tone to that contact. IIRC, MyFaves tone settings supersede regular tone settings.

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