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Ok , so my blackberry 8100 is 5 weeks old, i havent dropped it or ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    How do i fix my 8100


    Ok , so my blackberry 8100 is 5 weeks old, i havent dropped it or anything , it jsut turned off one day and wont turn back on, i take the battery out and put it back in , try to turn it on , but the LED light will hold red for approx 3 seconds , then SOMETIMES flash red afterwards.

    I have all the programs i need for the phone , the blackberry wont read in my cpu nor my brothers.

    Any ideas?

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    ok long shot but do you have a back up of your phone on your computer?
    if so... take the battery out of your phone and plug it in the USB cable (attached to your computer of course)
    next open loader.exe
    (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\loader.exe)
    it will ask what type of connection you want to make, select USB and as it connect to your berry re-insert your battery and you should be all good.
    let me know if you are trying this now, I will stay on this thread to help out any way I can
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