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Okay so I try and keep all my media on my SD card, so my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hourglass of Destruction


    Okay so I try and keep all my media on my SD card, so my apps only really take up space. I clear my browser cache on a regular basis, I clear all msg/email from previous days... basically I do whatever I can to keep my phone running fast.

    Well for the last 3 days at random times the "Hourglass of Destruction and Bogusness" has appeared and just chills on my screen until I get fed up and do a battery pull. 3 days ago it did it while I was in the browser... just popped up and stayed for 30 minutes. Yesterday I tried signing onto Yahoo IM, it chilled for 15 minutes before I pulled the bat out. And just now I plugged my USB cord into it, didn't get a response... hit a button on my BB and low and behold, the "Hourglass of the Unholy" was spinning around like the Exorcist on Jager Shots. I got fed up after 5 minutes and yanked the battery. Its okay now. But for the last 3 days these have been the major incidents, I occasionally still get the minor lags. But is there something else I need to do to try and keep my BB running smoothly? Thanks, and peace out!
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    Re: Hourglass of Destruction

    did u install any apps before thr (hour glass) appeared if so delete and reinstall

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    Re: Hourglass of Destruction

    any more ideas?? if that didnt work

    i also suffer from irritable hourglass syndrome

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    Re: Hourglass of Destruction

    ~via BB (

    We all get that occasionally I guess. Yesterday I tried calling my phone from my office phone to let my colleague hear my ring tone and for her to see the trackball light lol... It was just a big embarassment when it didn't do it.. It was the "hour glass of embarassment" funny thing, as soon as I hang up my work phone my phone started ringing. Quite jacked up... I just pulled the battery out for a minute and it works perfect now..

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