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So here is the skinny. I have a Tmo Blackberry Pearl running I all ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hmmm.... Am I retarded or......


    So here is the skinny. I have a Tmo Blackberry Pearl running I all the sudden on a whim, at 1 o'clock in the morning, while I'm at work and not near my laptop, decide I want Blackberry Messenger on my phone.

    So.... I hop on over to and download it......

    Except.... It wont let me download it, I get "Notice, your wireless Service Provider does not allow access to BlackBerry Messenger for your device"

    It did this to me earlier when I tried to Download Live Messenger from and I thought it was maybe because it's too new, but this is Blackberry Messenger we're talking about, it's been around forever and i've downloaded it OTA before (With a different software version).

    So my question is,

    A) Did T-Mo get froggy and go Phone Nazi on us?

    B) Am I really just retarded and we'll chalk it up to I haven't slept much lately.

    C) Is it an issue with the current OS Software (, being embedded not to allow downloads from blackberry for whatever reason.

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    Re: Hmmm.... Am I retarded or......

    Download it here

    Connect ur bb to the computer before u download. enjoy!

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    Re: Hmmm.... Am I retarded or......

    SOMETIMES using the Internet Browser instead of the BlackBerry Browser (which is routed through your BES network if applicable) or especially instead of the WAP Browser (which is typically routed through your provider's network) will work when the others done.

    I'm with AT&T and yesterday it worked, and today it doesn't regardless of which browser I'm using!

    I also can't install it via USB using the link superdad posted (nice call though!) - it says my device isn't supported (8800 - with BB Messenger installed!). LOL

    All that said, I can't remember an OS that didn't have BlackBerry Messenger, so try downloading the OS and run Application Loader, but you probably knew that already.

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