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Hello everyone well i am Egypt and i am new to this entire world of ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hey just got my BB need help


    Hello everyone well i am Egypt and i am new to this entire world of BB's and putting app's on it. I understand everything to it but i have a couple questions:

    1. Is their any way i can put the Superbluetooth hack on my pearl meaning does it function because i tried everything.

    2. I cant see to put games on my pearl its either to large or something about paint??? any recommendations for the games?

    3. Basically are their any cool hacks or applications that are a must? i have the color ball which was cool but i want something new.

    Thanks for the help in advance


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    1- No I've tried this and many others have. It isn't formatted for BB.

    2- For games check out the downloads section of,, are others but I can't remember right now. Check out too.

    3- Definitely get Colorpearl and SoftReset from

    These are my apps right now(you can find them in DL section)...
    -Opera Mini
    -Gmail Mobile
    -Google Maps

    And I believe they are all must haves.

    BlackBerry Rocks!<-Check it out!

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