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Hello I just upgraded to 4.5 and I should be able to watch youtube right? ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    help with video player~youtube


    Hello I just upgraded to 4.5 and I should be able to watch youtube right? Well I could at first (even though it was unbearably grainy)but now I get error msg that the request media could not be found or played or something like that.
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    Try pullin the battery, waiting 30 seconds. If this doesnt work then you need to reinstall the OS
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    I occasionally receive an error message that it was unable to load the video. Usually going back to the link and clicking it again resolves the issue, however, there have been those rare occasions where I've had to try the link 3-4 times. The grainy picture is relative to your connection. At home, where I can get Wi-Fi, the picture quality is great for mobile content, but out and about, with 2 signal bars and using EDGE, not so good.
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