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Originally Posted by jeffallen8 Hey how bad is the usb socket broken on your bb. ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: Help please


    Quote Originally Posted by jeffallen8 View Post
    Hey how bad is the usb socket broken on your bb. I run all the blackberries at my company and I have seen this a few times. if everything look pretty intact you probably can get it to work again. there is a little trick (try it) set your bb on a desk with the cord plugged in get a pencil and slide it under the bb where the usb plugges in. So your bb is tilted now and the cord is floating in the air. Like I said if your port isnt trashed it might work. If you have any questions email me.
    Is this something that would have to be done each time you plugged the cord into the phone? I don't remember dropping my phone recently, but last night, when I plugged up the phone to charge it, the little charging symbol did not show up. I had to maneuver a little (stand the phone upright against something) in order for it to charge. It's never done this before. I just tried to charge it again, and nothing.

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    Re: Help please

    I just had mine do the same thing and they replaced it under warrenty. I tried all the tricks to get it to work but it was just dead. Worked one day and dead in the morning. Luckily I had done a back up rececntly. Even when you restore, you will not get your applications back. Had to re-install all of them. Only prob with transfering your address book with the sims card is it only will take one number per entry, and you will still loose all of your other info you had for each contact. Stinks, but at least you can get the numbers.

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    Re: Help please

    Its not hard to bend those little pins out of position Normal wear and tear comes into play when you wiggle the plug side to side hard. If you take a look inside and see if any pins look bent if they look good look at your cable to.

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