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Its going on two weeks now since i've had this problem. After missing a few ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Help Please


    Its going on two weeks now since i've had this problem. After missing a few phone calls the miss call indicator will not come off the screen no matter what i do to the phone. i've taking the battery out, sim card out and nothing seem to be working right now. any ideas? thanks

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    Re: Help Please

    Have you installed an 3rd Party application recently?

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    Re: Help Please

    Sounds like you may need to reload your operating system from your Desktop Manager. When it doesn't go away, does the screen just freeze?

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    Re: Help Please

    Back up info on computer and wipe handheld. Run application loader. Make sure that you have the latest OS when you do. If this does not fix the issue with freezing on missed call screen you more than likely have a corrupted file somewhere. if this is the case do the same procedure again but once you get to the point that you would restore your info do an advanced restore to get this info back and focus primarily on PIM info, ( email, tasks. calander, memos , contacts etc.)

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