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my brother has a 8100, which is on vodafone so he tried to sort out ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Help needed with blackberry BES


    my brother has a 8100, which is on vodafone so he tried to sort out his BES via the vodafone BES website, but his pin is already in use. and he bought this phone quite a while ago so he has no contact with the guy he bought it from right now. what can he do??

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    I think you are referring to BIS rather than BES. Here are your options for "releasing the PIN"

    As for the BIS (email being tied to the PIN) You have three options
    1) Old owner of the BlackBerry can change the PIN in his BIS account to reflect his new one(If he/she has a new one), hence migrating his accounts over and releasing the PIN.
    2) Get old owner to reset the password and delete all accounts from BIS
    3) Most unlikely to work but call your wireless carrier and get them to release the PIN/IMEI from the system (Typically they will reset the password instead). Sometimes this doesn't work unless you can prove ownership

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