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I had been using a BB Curve using BES through AT&T for both business purposes ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I had been using a BB Curve using BES through AT&T for both business purposes and as my personal device. Today I activated a BB Pearl with the intention to seperate business and personal. Everything was working as intended until I loaded Pearl Alerts. I could not do an OTA download. I downloaded to the PC and connected to the desktop manager. I received a question about changing my device. I answered no and transfered Pearl Alerts to the BB device.

    Since this time, I have lost my Internet Browser and the MediaNet Browser. I'm not blaming this on Alerts. It just so happened at the same time but I'm sure it was the desktop manager that casued this. I see the Service Books are on the device but no browser icon. I'm also getting a uncaught exception errors upon reboot. The strangest thing is with regards to Media functions. I see the photos I have taken as thumbnail photos but when I try to access them I get an "Unable to display file /Device Memory/home/user/pictures" error message. This occurs when trying to access all Media files.

    I connected back to the desktop manager and answered "Yes" to the changing of my device. This did not help and in fact made it worst because now I have my companies IT Policy loaded on my device which requires a password. This was the reason for my change to begin with. I did not like dealing with using the password everytime I wanted to access my device. I wiped the device to no avail. It is as if my file structure has somehow been compromised. I have never dealt with this type of issue and don't know where to begin trying to fix my problem.

    Anyone have any ideas besides throwing the device away and getting a new one? These BBs are very complex critters. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Hey mike welcome to pinstack

    I would check out this thread and #7

    I think it's your Desktop Manager that is causing the problem. I would update that and the reinstall the OS for both your Pearl and Curve. Then connect back up and hopefully it should resolve the matter. If not post back with any questions.

    Good luck

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    Re: Help-Need BB Guru

    You may also have to use desktop manager to switch back to the company BB, and then remove the Company IT policy from the Pearl. You can find the instruction to remove it in this thread, Blackberry unlock and IT Policy Help. To be safe, I would contact my BES Admin and tell them what happened. When they audit the logs they might wonder why there was an unauthorized Blackberry associated with your account.

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