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I recently got the BB Pearl, and downloated some games from ipmart. the files show ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question HELP! installing games on my new BB Pearl


    I recently got the BB Pearl, and downloated some games from ipmart. the files show up as .boc something like that, there is no jad or jar or alx file for any of the games.

    so how do i got abouts putting them on my phone, i do have the load application working for blackberry but it only reconized alx files i believe.

    so i was told there was several ways to installing the game

    1/ ota
    2/ converting the files to alx
    3/ installing the games directly to the microsd card and install/run the game directly from the pearl

    id prefer method 2, 3 using my pc to pearl installing, now im not sure if any of this is correct or if im even close im all new to this, can anyone give me some feed back and proper steps to installing games and what other misc software program i might need example a jad/jar to alx. converter

    sorry if i got any of the terms wrong or file extensions wrong. thanks for any help.

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    A .boc extension is a document saved with "EasyWord" and not made for a Blackberry or is not in the format to be used as a game.

    You need to confirm that the game is compatible with the Blackberry. If there is no alx file, it is not going to work properly, unless there is truly an OTA download.
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