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Hello all, So I just recently bought a blackberry pearl ^^. I have heard that ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Help! Installing games.


    Hello all,

    So I just recently bought a blackberry pearl ^^. I have heard that there is a way to download games from your pc and then put them on the blackberry.
    The thing is I Don't know how. I have read numerous articles and I have tried it but it does not seem to work.

    If anyone could please help me out.

    Please if your going to help treat me as if I know nothing. I am looking for a step by step guide right from the beginning.

    Also another question I had do you need one of those storage cards to even put stuff into your blackberry, cause I don't have one.

    Thanks all in advanced.

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    You don't need the storage card for applications.....the BB can't run applications, games, themes, etc from the's strictly for media. I highly reccomend you getting on ASAP'll need it. Pictures and downloaded ringtones will quickly eat up your free memory.

    Also, please fill out your profile with Device, OS version, BIS or BES, carrier, etc. It will help people give you more accurate answers.

    Next, in order to do, it would be helpful for you to post specific errors you are getting when trying to download.

    There are two ways of downloading:

    1. through the Desktop Manager software that came with your BB. You use the Application Loader to add applications to your device.

    If you get the message "no additional application for your device..." try this thread:

    2. If you have a data plan, you can also download OTA-over the air

    there are some free games and themes at from your BB browser. There are many mor places to get them but that's a start.

    If you have more trouble just post with specifics and we'll walk you through it.

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    good post azstar!

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