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Okay, i have a question that is probally uncommon and not likely talked about. This ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    [Help] BlackBerry Pearl Volume/Sound!!


    Okay, i have a question that is probally uncommon and not likely talked about. This is what i did. I was putting videos in my blackberry, when i found out i could increase the size to make it widescreen with WinAVI. So i converted my videos using WinAVI and converted it to 320x240. It worked! Once i played it in my phone, it was sorta slow to move and such, and increasing/decreasing the volume took a while. Then i decided "What the hell, lets convert 2 more videos!" So i did. I only putted one thing, Then... As soon as i putted it in my blackberry video folder into my 1 gb media card.. I could not increase my volume!! I could only decrease it, and i decreased it all the way... I then realized this was a problem so i deleted all the videos and then just tried to play one of my songs. It wouldnt work! I couldn't increase the volume no more.. Which sucks, do you know how to get the volume back? I tried everything.. Nothing worked.. Oh, and i had 100+ songs in my media card, and i renamed like 2/3 of them as well to make it short and easier to see the song/artist.. I think that contributed to the problem as well.. Please help me?
    And I used WinAVI to convert my video sizes to 320x240 and they were .AVI files. Please help!

    P.S. - The phone i used was the BlackBerry Pearl 8100.

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    Did you try a battery pull? That often helps fix strange behavior.
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