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okay so i dont know exactly what happened with my BB but i'm thinking it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    okay so i dont know exactly what happened with my BB but i'm thinking it has to do with my little nephew pouring a little milk on it from his bottle.

    so i woke up the next morning to find my bb's screen shutting on and off, and the light indicator blinking Red (but i dont know if thats due to a missed call), and the keypad and trackball wouldnt work at all. The phone didnt get completely wet, maybe just the front of the phone? becuase i checked the water damage indicators, or whatev. the little sticker by the memory card was white and i had 2 rolls of X's on the battery.

    so i let the phone dry for a day, and i try the phone out again. I had to put it on the charger because the battery died, but the screen was still shutting on and off for a lil bit, and when i hooked it up to my computer, it said something about having problems with the phone and that it might not function correctly. so i take the battery, sim card, and memory card out for a little bit then put it back in.

    The screen is working fine, the keypad is working fine, turned out the red light indicator was because of a missed call, BUT the trackball is out of wack. It still scrolls but it can "select". Every time i push the trackball it types the letters Q and E. but other than that everything is working fine, hopefully =/

    anyone have ideas about what happened to my bb and how to fix the trackball problem?

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    Sounds like some milk or moisture on onto the circuit board. Have you taken the trackball out and looked and see if there is anything under there?

    It may be permanent, unless you take your BB apart and maybe try cleaning it. If all else fails if it's still under warranty you may want to send it in and get a new one. But if they find that it's been damaged from moisture you may get charged for it depending on your carrier.

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    You have to get the dried milk off the circuit board. You'll have to take it apart and use a q-tip to clean it. Search the forum for disassembly instructions, but be warned if you take it apart it will void your warranty so if it is insured you may want to check into that.
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    I seen this on the nokia forums and they swear it works:
    Soak the motherboard in denatured alcohol for about 15 minutes then scrub with an old toothbrush under cool running water. Give it a good scrubbing and then blow dry for a good 7 minutes or so- just be careful not the put it too close and damage the motherboard.
    Hope this helps!

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