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First, I just got my BlackBerry Pearl 8100, and for the first day things seemed ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Having problems w/Blackberry Pearl


    First, I just got my BlackBerry Pearl 8100, and for the first day things seemed fine. then i tried connecting it to my computer, all of a sudden on the screen on the phone i get "Data Connection Refused" at the top, it's not plugged in to the computer and i have turned the phone off, taken out the sim card.. yet i still have this error on my screen. how do i get rid of it ??

    Second, How do I go about sending/receiving MMS messages? A friend of mine had the same problem when he first got this phone.. I have Tmobile and can't seem to send or receive pictures.. and always have with any other phone i have had. any ideas?

    Third, whats a good program (besides the disk that comes with the phone) to be able to put music files from the computer to the phone ?


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    Re: Having problems w/Blackberry Pearl

    What needs to be enabled in your account is the Blackberry Feature Enabler. It is completely free. It will fix the problem for both the "Data Connection Refused" and the MMS Problem.

    You can add it from My T-Mobile online or by calling Customer Service

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    Re: Having problems w/Blackberry Pearl

    Hi K1tty,
    With the data connection thing, you might try "resend service books" from t-mobile's website. Someone else might have a better idea.

    As to sending/receiving MMS messages, I have read that if you send a picture message to yourself once or twice it's supposed to kick start the system.

    For transferring music, pictures and video, I always just drop and drag with the phone set in "mass storage mode". Go to "Options (the wrench)>Advanced Options>Media Card>and make sure "Mass Storage Mode Support" is on. That way when you plug in your phone, you'll just see a removable storage folder like with a jump drive. It's called blackberry, and will have separte folders for music, video, pics, etc.

    Good luck, and welcome to the stacks.

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