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whats the big deal about upgrading to this. I got an email telling me that ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Handheld Software (


    whats the big deal about upgrading to this. I got an email telling me that the new OS is available but whats the difference? Im affraid it will jack my phone up : (

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    Re: Handheld Software (

    As a general rule, RIM does not release OS Upgrades to carriers that will "jack your phone up". I just installed the OS Upgrade on my bf's Pearl, and it works fine. As for differences.. I don't know, because he just got his pearl last night, and I upgraded it this morning and we didn't really "check it out" so to speak. And just remember, if you don't like the upgrade for whatever reason, you do have a back up (or should always do a back up before upgrading) to return to, should it be necessary.
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    Re: Handheld Software (

    The one thing I have heard that people don't like about the upgrade is that you can not disable the automatic backlight.

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