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Hello. I was looking through some apps on Handango and want to get something camp ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Handango Question


    Hello. I was looking through some apps on Handango and want to get something camp with the 8100 Pearl. There is a page where you select your BB device but there isn't a Pearl on there. Can I select any BB model and the apps would be compatible?

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    Re: Handango Question

    Handango has NOT woken up yet to the fact that there is a Pearl on the market. I sent them an email asking why I cannot select the Pearl as my device and they didn't even answer it. Maybe they are running out of $$


    p.s. bitter about what I previously thought was a great web site

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    Re: Handango Question

    ~via BB (
    Trust me, they make about 65 % of the sale and the developer makes snot 35% or so I've been told. They aren't running out of cash! I'm sure they probably are waiting for the developers to confirm compatibility of the apos to the 8100. I was a little chapped a few days ago too, but then I figured I can still load anything I want. Just use the 8700 as your device on their site, but your 8100's PIN #. Should be all set while we wait for them to catch up!

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    Re: Handango Question

    It's a little risky buying software for the 8700 in hopes that it will work on the 8100. The Pearl has a different screen resolution, so the graphics might be a little wonky. Also there is a whole new API for programmers to use to respond to the trackball events, so your app might not respond to controls like you think it should. I'm sure it won't be long before all the developers release new versions for the Pearl. - In-depth news and reviews about all things BlackBerry.

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