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I went to a few t-mobile stores over the last week looking at the 8120, ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Great Phone 8120: just upgraded from the 8100


    I went to a few t-mobile stores over the last week looking at the 8120, and the 8820. I almost got the 8820, but it doesn't have the camera. The Curve keyboard sucks, it is way too small, but the 8820 has a perfect keyboard. It is the phone I am looking for, but I need a camera because I use it all the time for work, for pretty much everything...

    I really like the upgrades that the 8120 has, besides the newer OS, I really like the Wifi, bigger keys. The keyboard really reminds me of the 7105t. It is really easy to type on. I really like the Blackberry button and the back key. For me personally I like the trackwheel better

    With the new OS, I really like the look and feel of the address book, e-mails, text messages. The browser upgrade is nice as well, I just can't wait till they add tab browsing...

    Last thing is this phone is a lot louder than the 8100, the speaker system is 10x better

    Great job Rim
    I do have some concerns, my pocketday application doesn't work with the 8120, thou it works with my 8100 and 7105t. It gave me a app error 200. As for the Wifi, that makes it soo much better and the UMA calling feature is even better...

    The video recording is pretty cool as well...

    8120 is the best suretype phone on the market....The 8820 if they ever make a camera version will be the best phone on the market, IMHO

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    I'm in the same boat. I upgraded from 8100. I just got it today! So far, first impression: i love that the SD card has the insert on the SIDE now - that's cool. It came with stereo headphones; awesome! and it came with a little case. I have one already, but it's nice that it was included. Also the suretype word predictions are cool too. Seems better, more like predictive text.

    i'm in the process of switching over right now. getting all my data and apps, etc loaded. It's taking forever.

    I can give a better review once i use it for a few days.

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    I really love my 8120. I upgraded from the 8100 and love the ability to create folders that makes my home screen nice and neat. The bb browser is pretty cool with the mouse and I do like the predictive type. I just wish it came with GPS. I have no need for WiFi and I won't switch to ATT.
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    Wifi is the greatest. It surfs faster than edge. You gotta try it.

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    Re: the GPS issue: Just got the Freedom Keychain gps and Telenav. So far, working very well, and with the tiny size of the gps unit, you don't feel like you are lugging around a puck. It "feels" like an internal unit. Other upgrades from my 8100: 8 G card working flawlessly, and love the stero BT. (Using the Plantronics 855--switches from music to phone and back very well, and very comfortable). Bill

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