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okay, so I take great care of my pearl 8130 (Telus) I have a swap ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question gravity is not my friend! [need advice]


    okay, so I take great care of my pearl 8130 (Telus) I have a swap unit due to my track ball, cleaning it just didn't help, and who would say no thanks to a new phone (the old one was only 7months) I clean my phone, have a real bb case and everything but this morning all it took was once slight drop (on a very hard floor) to put a small 1/2 inch hair line crack in the plastic screen cover (not the LCD screen)

    so, I need some advice on what sites are reliable for parts- or some options. I am handy and feel I could replace it on my own- how difficutly would it be? cuz Telus would just tell me to live with it, or buy a new one for who knows how many $100's



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    I have never used it but I know many others have.

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    Just remember that cn is in china. Will take a bit to get your order.
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    I have replaced this once.
    It really isnt that hard. Surprisingly it is held on with something very similar to 2 way tape. The replacement part will likely come with the screen part and then a laser cut peice of tape. Not too bad. Just be sure to do it in a dust free environment or you would likely see little dust particles that have landed on the LCD.
    I bought mine from:

    Good Luck! Regards
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