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Okay I followed the following guide and cant get Psi to transfer my AIM contacts ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Google Talk...and AOL Help


    Okay I followed the following guide and cant get Psi to transfer my AIM contacts to Google Talk.

    I first installed Psi
    Set Psi up for my google account.
    I can log into my google account in Psi and see my contacts without a problem.
    However I select the AIM transpport service and I register my screen name and password fine but everytime I login to the transport to get my contacts transfered i get this error.

    Authentication Error!
    Incorrect username or password.
    Blackberry 8830 WORLD EDITION

    Blackberry PIN - 32CAA233


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    My friend did this with his AIM a while back and so once I got the pearl I decided to try to set this up. It seemed complicated to set up and at first it worked great but it quickly started acting up and any time I signed into AIM it would freak out. Sometimes when I logged into google talk AIM contacts wouldnt show up. I just bagged the whole thing. Hopefully it'll work out for you but it's just all so hacked up and unreliable. Hopefully Google will set their service up to allow this soon enough and we won't have to resort to these things.

    In my opinion you're better off just sticking with a multiclient or using separate apps. Good luck.

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    ask me
    zackhale thanks for jumping in and welcome to the stacks. I just noticed the first post, skipped it cuz of your answer, anything we can help with let us know.
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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