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Im curious to see if anyone has come across this problem. I downloaded the google ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Google Maps Problem


    Im curious to see if anyone has come across this problem.

    I downloaded the google services onto my pearl and they were working perfectly fine. The maps worked great and everything was running pretty well. Just a few weeks ago it started crapin out on me. I would go into google maps and read through directions i was following, but once i left the application to check a message, answer a phone call, or do something else within the phone it wouldnt let me go back into google maps. I would then go back and try and click into the app. and either my device will lock up completely or just flashed words from the directions through the main menu in a white font. I tried deleting the app off my device and reloading it, nothing seems to help.

    Leme know if you have any similar issues or no how to solve this problem please!

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    Re: Google Maps Problem

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    Think your best bet is to delete the app from your device and download the new version.

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    Re: Google Maps Problem

    Welcome to the Stacks nextoplaya. No i have not run into this issue with google maps. I would probably say to try a battery pull and if that did not fix it reinstalll the program.

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    Re: Google Maps Problem

    And if that doesn't work, how much free memory do you have? I've had a few problems and they all came down to low memory. Freed up some, worked great.
    Thx a lot!
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