Ok so if this is on here somewhere and I missed it I will start by saying sorry for the repost. I couldn't find it anywhere.

I have Verizon with OS build

So here is the deal. I installed the Google maps App. I understand that you can't use GPS with Verizon and I do have VZNav but I thought that I would check it out. Amazingly it actually shows you your current location on the map so I'm not convinced they total block GPS>

Anyways so once I installed it and ran the app all of a sudden I couldn't hear anyone on my bluetooth headset. Thinking my headset was dead I turned off bluetooth and restarted the phone. Next thing you know I go to make a call without a headset and once I can't hear anybody on the other end. I tried the call 4 times before I uninstalled the application. I then restated the phone once the app was off and made a call. Now I can hear both with my headset and without.

Don't know if anyone has run into this yet but I thought I would put it out here? It seems google maps interferes with the audio on the phone.