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I am using BB 8120 with 4.5 OS and Wi-Fi. I don't have Data Plan ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Gmail and Google Maps doesn't work


    I am using BB 8120 with 4.5 OS and Wi-Fi. I don't have Data Plan as I feel it unnecessary with Wi-Fi. My problem is I am not able to use GMail or Google Map on my Wi-Fi. Is anyone successfully able to use it? Or it DOES need data plan?

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    a blackberry without a data plan is like............... a car with no engine. pointless IMHO

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    To my knowledge, the downloadable wap applications on the Blackberry aren't meant to work if there is no dedicated data service on the device. You might be able to use web browsers like operamini on wi-fi, but the gmail and google map applications for blackberry require use of the the blackberry browser to be used efficiently and the browser won't connect if the specific carrier's blackberry data plan isn't on the device. It might be different now, but that's the issue I had.

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    You can use maps if you go to, view in classic mode, go to maps and ta da! same with gmail.

    since you are using wifi and not a data plan google gets confused as to what you are trying to do.

    dont DL the apps if you are using wifi. visit the sites.

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