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I like going to restaurants a lot on the weekends. Depending on what restaurant I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I like going to restaurants a lot on the weekends. Depending on what restaurant I go to and how the service is I always change around the tip percentage accordingly.

    Well I found this application that is compatible with my BB 8100 so I think it will be with most BB's. It is very useful.

    (Sample image. On my BB its black and white all on one page.
    Better than on this Nokia )

    • Enter meal amount, tax percent, tip percent, how many people to split the bill with, and an optional extra amount to add on the bill (such as liquor tax).
    • Shows the breakdown of tax and tip amounts, total bill, and how much each person owes.
    • Option allows you to save the tax and tip percent to use next time.
    Main Site:


    Desktop DL:

    Thought it would be helpful to have this app instead of fumbling with percentages in your head or typing it all in the BB Calc.

    I encourage donating to the creator of this app, even if its only $1.

    BlackBerry Rocks!<-Check it out!

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    Re: Geotip For BB

    Yeah, I picked this up about 3 weeks ago. I've only used it a couple of times but it does come in handy when there's 5 or 6 of you out eating and drinking and you need to split the tips 3 ways. Very helpful!!!

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