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When entering a number into the phone book, how do I set a default so ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    General Pearl Questions?


    When entering a number into the phone book, how do I set a default so when I add a number it puts the dashes into between the numbers. For example 999-888-9999 as compared to 9998889999.

    When typing out a sentenace using sure type and I get to the end and I see the second word is mispelled, the back button erases all the words to get back to the second word. So, how do I go back without erasing words?

    How would I highlight a word or paragraph to erase all at once?

    When using Media net and if I know sports is number four, if I press number four on my keypad, nothing happens. How would I press four versus scrolling down to the link and pressing in the pearl?

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    Re: General Pearl Questions?

    on the auto dash in the numbers i don't see a way to enable that could be wrong.
    changing a word in the middle of a sentance use the track ball
    for highlight go to the work hit menu hit select highlight the word then menu again and do what you want with it
    don't know on medianet maybe someone else will be along soon
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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