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i was on ramble before. and all of a sudden i noticed my screen went ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    flickering light


    i was on ramble before. and all of a sudden i noticed my screen went black along with the track ball and backlight on the keyboard. i thought the phone shut off. all of a sudden it turned back on again. i said wow that was weird. then it happened again. the phone is not shutting off its just the lights are shutting off. at one point it was flickering on and off like a light switch. my pearl is 2 weeks old and has never been dropped or damaged at all what so ever. i think i might take the battery out to reset it or something, but has this happened to anyone else before and if so what advice do u have?

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    Don't have any experience with the Pearl, but if the Cold Reboot doesn't correct this, the next step would be a OS re-install. and Finally a call to customer services Data Device support desk.

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