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is there anyway to play flash games on my bb? i got hooked on flash ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    flash player


    is there anyway to play flash games on my bb? i got hooked on flash element td.i want it on my phone too but i dont think it will happen anytime soon.

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    Re: flash player

    No. Sorry. Not many phones can do this. Those which can are usually handheld PC's and not email devices.

    Hope that helps..

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    Re: flash player

    I'm not a programmer, but it seems like it shouldn't be that super challenging to implement a simpler-stripped down, possibly slower flash-lilke program for the pearl. The performance of graphic-intensive apps like google maps make it at least seem like it could handle something like that. Then again, the excruciating slowness of the picture viewer might be an indicator that the right processing abilities are lacking... Does anyone know precisely why the pearl can't do flash or flash-lite?

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    Re: flash player

    RIM, apparently has settled on SVG based graphics instead of Flash base graphics. Something to do with proprietary software and paying macromedia at the time I suppose. I guess you could use SVG to create similar games and such. The Plazmic CDK has some good demos of BB content produced using SVG.

    Just a thought.
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