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hey i was wondering if anyone can help me out. i know there are a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    few question


    hey i was wondering if anyone can help me out. i know there are a few threads or discussions here that are some help but i have to continuously search for answers but not really figuring this out. okay this all has to deal with using my bb 8110 as a modem. now i just want all the necessary steps and set up details. i also am running vista on my laptop so i was having trouble with that too. if anyone can help it will be much appreciated. again i need the whole set up to get this running right. thanks!

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    In Vista
    Power on the device and connect it to the computer via USB.
    Access the device manager: Start, Control Panel, Classic View, Device Manager.
    Select the plus (+) sign to the left of modems.
    Right click the correct modem and select “Properties.”
    Note that the correct modem will likely have a name corresponding to the name of the phone, such as “Sony Ericsson” or “Motorola.”
    On the General tab select the “Change settings” button, then “Continue” to proceed. (If this option is not selected the extra initialization command field may appear gray and not allow editing [CCKB297991].)
    Select the Advanced tab.
    Enter the initialization command,
    +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”” If you have a T-Mobile Sim
    +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”mobileinternet” If you have a Suncom sim
    Note that this initialization command is applicable regardless of the internet service subscribed.
    Select OK to save the command, and minimize the device manager

    Creating the connection:

    Select Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center.
    Select “Set up a connection or network” in the upper left.
    Select “Set up a dial-up connection.” ,Click Next
    When prompted to select a modem, ensure the correct modem (the modem on which the initialization command was entered) is selected.
    Enter the Dial-up phone number, *99#
    User name and Password are blank.
    Specify a Connection name.
    Select Connect.
    If prompted, select “Browse the internet now.”
    If the message “The internet connectivity test was unsuccessful” appears, select “Set up the connection anyway.”
    It is recommended the connection be tried more than once before changing settings.
    The connection is now ready for use.

    · Once connected, the Set Network Location dialog box may appear. Select a location, such as Home.

    Add a shortcut to the desktop:

    Start, Control Panel, select Network and Sharing Center, Manage network connections
    Locate the newly created connection.
    Hold CTRL + Shift and drag the connection to the desktop.

    Make the connection:

    Right click the newly created desktop shortcut and select Connect.
    Select Dial.

    See if that helps you

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    Does This Work For The BB8100
    BlackBerry8100/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100

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    It should... at least it works on my 8120... my modem is a standard modem on com5. Note: The Blackberry Device Manager has to be running!

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