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I am a download junky and recently my phone hasn't been up to par, is ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Factory settings


    I am a download junky and recently my phone hasn't been up to par, is there a way to return the phone to factory settings so that it would wipe clean all third party apps? and restore to original?

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    Re: Factory settings

    Did you ever do a back up before you installed an apps?? if can restore using a back up!! I'm not exactly sure how to wipe the phone clean...

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    Re: Factory settings

    This process will take you to a bare system and put the Device Software back on it.

    Complete Wipe from the start

    1. Start by Downloading and installing
    2. And the Device Software, you can find a link to your carriers download package here, JL_Cmder, see that link for instructions.
      BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites.
    3. Connect you BB to you PC
    4. Open JL_Cmder,
    5. Select the Wipe Option (5)
    6. Follow the instructions in this thread very carefully, How To: ReInstall OS When Computer Won't recognize The Device Is Connected

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