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Guys I am trying to accomplish the below with my corporate email. I already have ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Enterprise Email Question



    I am trying to accomplish the below with my corporate email. I already have it set up and works well. However, I'd like to know how I can remove emails from my Pearl once I open them, (meaning that they get deleted from Pearl but remain in the corporate email), and how to keep on the Pearl only those emails that remain unread until I open them.

    I'd appreciate whatever settings you can help me with, guys.


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    Re: Enterprise Email Question

    im not sure *exactly* how to do this with BES, but normally you have the choice to delete handheld AND mailbox or just handheld.
    do you have that screen pop up when you go to delete the message?
    if not, go to messages, then click menu, scroll to options. choose email reconciliation and change delete on: to prompt

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    Re: Enterprise Email Question

    If your BB is BES Activated, then you are only given the choice of "Delete" or "Cancel" by default so you don't complain to the admin about weird sync problems.
    On messages that come from BIS type mailboxes (POP3 Style), you have the choice by default.

    edit - would be could if I didn't leave broweser open this long - yeah, what she ^^^ said above!

    If you go into "Message -> Options -> Email Reconciliation -> Delete On" you can set the choice up in there.

    The only other suggestion I could make it to make the mail retention on the BES account down to the minimum of 15 (On my 8100 that is as low as it goes) - Accessible in "Options" from your Messages on the device.

    Short of that, you could move ("File") them into a folder that isn't sync'd between the BES and the Device...
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    Re: Enterprise Email Question

    You can set up a SYNC with your Email (Example: Outlook) and your BB so when you delete a Email on the BB it'll delete in Outlook. Ask your fellow IT if their using MS Server Exchange or PoP.
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