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Hi everyone - new to the forum. Pearl is great bit of kit but had ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Email Address Groups


    Hi everyone - new to the forum.

    Pearl is great bit of kit but had a few glitches - unable to delete/file emails on device after 2 days use. Resolved by a full reinstall by IT! I have a few queries:

    I have a company pearl linked to my Lotus Notes 6.5 account. However whilst I have set up email address groupsin the address book on my desktop to send emails I am unable to find/access them on the BB. I have synchronized address book but to no avail. Any help appreciated.

    Currently have Parrot CK3000 Evo car kit and on my previous phone worked great as you couold send voice tags to the kit. BB is unable to do this and evo will not accept the address book. Anyone using Parrot car kits with better functionality - ideally where I can record my own voice - as I either have a major speech impediment or the BB voice recognition software is pants - tried both US and UK to no avail!

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    Re: Email Address Groups

    I don't know Notes Mail, but with Exchange / Outlook, "Distribution Lists" - both Global and ones created by you - don't transfer to the BB Address Book. In Exchange, most Distribution Lists have an SMTP email equivalent which you can put into your Outlook Contacts (as a single contact entry) and does get transferred to the BlackBerry's Address Book.

    You can create a Group (email) on your Blackberry, but that won't get over to Outlook, so there's no way to back it up or maintain it other than on the BlackBerry itself.

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