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how do i add a email account to my phone.... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    how do i add a email account to my phone.

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    Re: email

    Hi Tillery

    You may have an email set up wizzard on your phone desktop. Otherwise if you have BIS service you can log on to your account on the carriers web page and set up email accounts. All you need is the email address and password in most cases.
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    Re: email

    There are 2 ways. go to my tmobile online. Log in and at the bottom of the screen after you have logged in, there is an set uo internet email accounts button. Click it and then follow the steps to add the email account that you want.
    OR, on your phone go to set-up internet email. This is a step by step way to get your emails directed to your phone. Also set up wizard on your phone also has an option to add email accounts.
    Hope this helps

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