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Hi Everyone, Been using my 8220 for about a week now (Rogers), and I must ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    EDGE and WiFi is slow - what to do?


    Hi Everyone,
    Been using my 8220 for about a week now (Rogers), and I must say, the more I use it, the more I'm liking it. I switched over from an 8300, mainly because my old data plan was waaaay to expensive.

    I didn't buy this phone for browsing, so its not a big deal, but when I go to the Vancouver craigslist home page, I just timed it and it takes 25 seconds! This has been consistent with all the other times I tried. Lets not even talk about other web sites since craigslist is pretty much all text.

    That seems a bit long, and I notice the status bar bouncing back and forth between "Loading" and "Requesting" for 10-15 seconds before it finally starts loading the 19K page.

    I've read bits and pieces of some reviews indicating that browsing is slow, so I just wanted to see if this was normal, or there was a setting or update I should apply.
    I just checked the "Application" section, and I'm on 4.6. Not sure if thats the right place to check, but any input would be great.
    Thanks guys.
    the Prez

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    Check out options-about to get the full version of what you are running.

    Have to checked to see if anything is running in the background? Also, do a battery pull. Craigslist might be running slow because the phoen has to transition all those columns into a single row of one long column. I would also check your WiFi settings...make sure you have full power coming from your modem and that you are plugged into your modem not a modem that's somewhere near you where you aren't getting all the power you should be getting.
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    Are you using the device browser or a 3rd party browser, like Operamini. That can make a difference too, since the later versions of opera have a more accomodating load page than the device browser and quicker navigation.

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