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Hello everyone. I am new to the BB world, and I'm glad to see such ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Duplicate email profile


    Hello everyone. I am new to the BB world, and I'm glad to see such a large BB community on the web here.

    Well, I'm having a minor problem with my AT&T Pearl and I wanted to see I can get some help.

    When I go to "Profiles" - Advanced - Edit Profile (any of them), I can see the list of different options "Browser", "Calendar", "Mesages []" etc...

    On the list, I have the following:

    Messages []
    Messages [] <- duplicate. this shouldn't be here...
    Messages []
    Messages []

    So, I have TWO duplicate notification options for one email address. I have Yahoo! Mail Plus service that allows me to access by BB.

    This is a minor annyance; the second one doesn't really do anything. I found that first setting controls how BB delivers notification on that particular account. I don't have any problem receiving emails from yahoo account.

    I have tried the following to troubleshoot:
    1. Logged into Blackberry internet services to resend service books - Didn't help
    2. Reboot (batter in & out) - didn't help
    3. Deleted email account; then Send Service book
    -- Here, one remained on the profile settings even though the mailbox was deleted.
    4. Added back the email address and Send Service Books: Back to 2 duplicate accounts

    I currently have:
    Blackberry 8100 Pearl on AT&T Edge
    Software v (Platform


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    Re: Duplicate email profile

    Have you tried going into the Set up Internet email icon and deleting from there if they both show up? Just a thought.

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