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Hi All, First post on here. My boss bought a pearl from an Ebay shop ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Downunder Unlocking


    Hi All,
    First post on here. My boss bought a pearl from an Ebay shop here in Australia and it seems that the device is locked for email only. We can put any sim in it and the GSM works fine however when we tried to enable or register the device for blackberry email we were told we could not because it was already registered and we needed a PIN. It came to us in a sealed box.
    I have tried to talk with the supplier and he has said that can not be and left it at that. So does anyone have any suggestions master unlock codes or explainations as to what i can do?

    Thanks in Advance


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    Re: Downunder Unlocking

    The BB your boss purchased is a used device. The previous user never switched devices on their BIS/BES. Aside from contacting the previous user and having them unregister or switch devices, I'm unaware of any other solutions. I have seen a few other stackers run into the same problem before. If I can find the thread(s), I'll post you a link.

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