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I have been going to websites and trying to download video but it says that ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Downloading Video to the Pearl


    I have been going to websites and trying to download video but it says that the video type is unsupported. Is there any way to download something that would allow me to download regular videos from the web? This phone has such beautiful screen resolution that it would be a shame to to be able to use it to its entire potential.

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    Need to import video using desktop manager.
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    One thing that you can do is find websites that have videos pre-formatted in 3gp format. Those are about the only types of videos you are going to get to download over the air, and most of the time its going to be iffy on those too depending of the size of the video you are trying to download.

    You won't be able to download anything over 3 minutes probably over the air.

    If you want, check out the post in the 8100 forum that list multimedia websites that are proven to work on the pearl ota. I think it is a sticky at the top of the forum.
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    Try it's a mobile "YouTube" site and most of the video's are already in the required 3gp format just use the mid to high download speeds as stream isn't supported, you may not be able to view the entire catalog but keep trying it's often hit and miss

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    zanetdaniels, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    If you can then download them on your hard drive and then just convert them to a format pearl supports. Our fellow dfc420 helped me out as well.

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