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Two questions: 1. What's the maximum file size that a BB Pearl will allow you ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Downloading Unsupported Files


    Two questions:

    1. What's the maximum file size that a BB Pearl will allow you to download.

    2. One thing that bugs me about my Pearl is that is doesn't allow me to download files or extensions it doesn't recognize. I have a 2GB microSD card in and sometimes I just want to save files to it from the web and then bluetooth them to my non-internet capable desktop computer. For instance, sometimes I want to download zip files. Is there any way to get the BB to download files though its browser even if it can't actually open them?

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    Re: Downloading Unsupported Files

    not sure...but this may help can always tether your BB to your computer and use your BB's data services as a router for your computer thus giving it the forums here on how to do it or call a customer service rep and they will gladly help you set up your phone for tethering...just be sure you know your data limits and you don't exceed them otherwise you will incur charges per kb sent/received...hope this helps

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    Re: Downloading Unsupported Files

    Also keep in mind that most cellular providers charge for tethering your BB. Without a plan, at&t charges $.01/1kb.~via BB (

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