Hello all, I'm new here, obviously. Yes, I used the search feature. However, it is possible that I just used the wrong wording.

I made a post a t CB and searched google as well. Here's the problem I'm having. I can tether and surf the internet just fine, but if i try to download the OS to my computer, it just won't work. I get to like 15MB/95MB (or whatever it is) and it says complete. Obviously it wasn't complete and also won't work. I've tried it through firefox and IE, to no avail.

Now, I am not on a laptop, so i can't go borrow the library's wifi, also, there is pretty much no broadband to speak of up here, and the only people I know usually use their phones as modems as well, due to the nature of our business (we move alot).

If anyone has any ideas, I'm open for suggestions.