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If you dont like getting RIPPED OFF NEVER BUY FROM THE MOBILE SOLUTION!!! I purchased ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Dont ever buy from The Mobile Solution


    If you dont like getting RIPPED OFF NEVER BUY FROM THE MOBILE SOLUTION!!! I purchased my Pearl from Mobile Solutions on NOV 06' and was TOLD by two sales reps there, that the mobile solutions insurance policy for the phone was $80 for a 2 year policy, which covered replacement of phone if damaged/lost/stolen/dropped in water or anything. The only thing to come out of our pockets would have been shipping and handling. Well, this week i dropped my phone and the whole trackball assembly unit just popped right out, and I was never able to find it. Not worrying too much i thought the insurance on phone that was PAID UPFRONT, would cover it. Was I wrong!...
    Me and my wife both called today and were both told I would have to pay an additional $105.00 to replace the phone, when told it only needs the trackball they said they ONLY replace the whole phone NO parts!..When we asked them what the hell the $80 covers then?.we were never given a striaght up answer a,with the most common answer being that "you wouldn't have to pay RETAIL PRICE for the phone and start a whole new contract over"?!?!? basically if I want this phone, which I purchased almost a year ago for $250.00 ( and i never got my $50 rebate from T-MO, thats a whole nother story lol!!)..I would have to pay altogether another $185 to replace it NOW?..anyone else have any experiences like this with mobile solutions or any other T-MO authorized reseller?..

    BTW: any trackball assembly units for sale? ....

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    Re: Dont ever buy from Mobile Solutions has a trackball assembly for 60 bucks.

    Hope that helps. Sorry that your reseller sucks. That's why I always go to the real deal if at all possible.

    Good luck

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    Re: Dont ever buy from Mobile Solutions

    Yeah, resellers can be a pain. If it helps, a lot of times they don't mention the "fine print" of replacement insurance. A lot of them (not all) have a $50/$100 deductible policy, like any regular insurance policy. Its a frivilous loss prevention tool. i.e. most people are not going to file a loss claim for a bogus reason if they know they are fronting the first $100. At least its $100, not $400 for a new phone without a contract. The insurance helped a little bit.
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