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Do other chargers affect your 8120 in a bad way? I just got my 8120 ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Do other chargers affect your 8120 in a bad way?


    Do other chargers affect your 8120 in a bad way? I just got my 8120 a week ago. After using my girlfriend's charger from her METRO PCSD phone (which is the same type of charger), I could not get my charger to work on my phone. I was told at T-Mobile that the battery is sensitive and using her charger could damage my phone. However, I have been able to charge my phone with her chargers. Does anyone know anything about this matter? I also purchased several non-T-Mobile batteries and chargers (for cheap) and do not knw if I should return them due to this.

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    I've used my girlfriend's Moto RAZR charger on my phone many times. I've used my friend's Moto Q charger. And today I used the car charger for a Garmin GPS. No problems ever. Whoever told you that is full of it and is just trying to sell you an overpriced OEM charger. It's just like charging your phone via USB cable on a computer.

    Can't advise you specifically on a non OEM battery. But I would recommend always using an official RIM battery because cheap knockoffs can leak, etc.

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    I have used knockoff batteries in my pearl for over a year and never had a problem. They are nearly as good as the OEM and much cheaper.

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