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Any 1 have any ideas as to why when I go to play a song ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    device media proc busy?


    Any 1 have any ideas as to why when I go to play a song or vid I always get that message? If so could you please tell me how to get it un busy. Thanx

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    not always sure why this happens, did you swap the media card from another berry, or is your media card full?... most people can resolve this issue by doing the media card dance though... are you familiar with that?

    if not, it pretty well consists of copying the contents of your media card to a computer, allowing the berry to format the media card, deleting all the bbthumbs files from the data (thats now on your computer), and then copying the data back to the berrys media card.

    and if that doesnt work, someone on another forum posted this fix:
    1) Backout of the media player app
    2) From the Applications Screen, highlight and click on the "VOICE DIALING" icon
    - wait for Voice Dialing to initialize, then exit the ap.
    3) Now when you go back into the media player, all will be OK again...
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