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    Desktop Manager/Sync Problem


    recently purchased a Pearl (not from a sevice provider) and it did not come with desktop software so I first downloaded DM 4.3. This worked fine, allowed me to sync all my contacts, but then I realized this version didn't have Media Manager, so I uninstalled it, and installed v4.2 sp2. The media manager works great but now it won't let me sync my contacts, it only triggers an error message saying: Internal Error (see logs). I am running Vista, but don't know if that matters... Please Help!

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    Re: Desktop Manager/Sync Problem

    do you really need media manager?

    I'm able to access the memory card (when asking yes to using the device as mass storage) from my laptop computer. Shows up in my computer as a removable disk, just copy them inn there to the blackberry -> music folder.

    Atleast it works for me, maybe not for you?

    Btw, i'm using DM 4.3. and it had media manager.
    Downloaded from:

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    Re: Desktop Manager/Sync Problem

    There is a 4.3 DM version with the Roxio Media Manager.

    This should be the link:

    It should be the first Download under the 4.3 DM...the file should be about 300 mb.

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