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    Question Deleted work e-mail does not get deleted from Pearl


    My 8130 Pearl synchs perfectly with my Yahoo mailbox - if I delete a Yahoo message on the Pearl, the message is gone from my Yahoo in-box on my computer. It doesn't do the same for my work e-mail.

    When I delete a work e-mail from my Pearl, the e-mail is still in my work e-mail in-box. Conversely, if I delete an e-mail from my work e-mail, it still appears on my Pearl! That means I'm wasting a whole lot of time deleting e-mails from my Pearl that I have already deleted from my work e-mail, and vice versa.

    Any suggestions as to what I need to do to synch the deletion of my work e-mails on my computer and the deletion of my work e-mails on the Pearl, as with my Yahoo mail? Thanks.

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    Hi Karen.
    Welcome to pinstack.

    Ok, can you tell me what your setting is for the following....

    - Click on your messages folder.
    - Click the menu button
    - Click on options
    - Click on email reconciliation
    What does it says as your setting for Delete on?

    There are 3 options:
    - Handheld (which will only delete the messages on your pearl)
    - Mailbox & Handheld (this deletes it from both your handheld and your regular email inbox)
    - Promot (this will always ask what you prefer)

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    A few more questions:

    Are you on a BES?

    What email client are you using at work?


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    Yeah if you are using outlook and pop or something like that or if your emails are saved to a PST file then the reconciliation may not work because it doesn't reconcile with your mail client. It reconciles with the mail server.

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    What if you have 4 (for example) email accounts - they should all reconcile, in my case, with priority to the p-c which is delete on handheld, mailbox wins for all 4.

    My problem is that the Yahoo email account works fine - the gmail account never reconciles - I have to delete them manually. OS 4.2, OS 4.5, it doesn't matter.

    Any help ro suggestions?
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