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What does db mean is - or + better?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    What does db mean is - or + better?

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    If you are talking about dB on your status screen, it is decibels of signal strength. I can't give you a super techy answer but on my BB when it's around -80 my signal is strong but when it's around -100 I have almost no signal. So it's always -, hope that helps a little.

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    Re: db?

    From Wikipedia:

    For very low-power systems, such as mobile phones, signal strength is usually expressed in dB-microvolts per metre (dBµV/m) or in decibels above a reference level of one milliwatt (dBm).

    In short, closer to 0 better. But not too close... 0 dB could easily mean that 2W is passing trough antenna of your BB - could fry device...

    For more info search Wikipedia.
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    Re: db?

    ~via BB ( -80 dbm (5 bars) is the strongest signal for me. When I had a nextel 7520 and 7100i their dbm was as low as 65-70 with full signal strength. When I first got my Alltel 8703e and 8830 I thought that the signal strength wasn't good enough just based on the numbers. But I realized on the 7520 that 80-84 would get me 4 bars and maybe 3 out of 5. So I guess they use different calculations of signal strength..I guess lol.

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