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I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out with this- I'm debating on whether ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Data speeds and Cingular vs. T-Mobile


    I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out with this- I'm debating on whether to switch to T-mobile and get the pearl, or wait till the Cingular release. Can anyone suggest any pros and cons? Also, which is faster- the T-mobile data speeds or the Cingular data? PLEASE help. I'm seriously having a big internal struggle right now. haha, no but seriously.....


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    If your happy with Cingular, I would just wait, it won't be that long. I definitly wouldn't switch just for a phone. Coverage is much more important.

    As to the speeds, I don't know how widespread TMOs EDGE network is compared to Cingular, but I would imagine for the most part they are compariable. The Technology is the same. But alot has to do with conjestion.

    Hope this helps
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    I'm not too familiar with
    any of cingulars packages or data speed... But, I'm with T-Mobile and unlimited data for $20 is nice... I know that sprints is supposed to be around $44 for blackberry devices... So that's definately an advantage. The data seems pretty fast, and I know that cingulars coverage isn't the best here (Toledo, OH). But that will all depend on where you live... T-Mobile gives you a 14 day trial period, and now they have my faves...
    Like Rcbrjr said, don't switch just for a phone. Make sure your getting what's right for you...I'd recommend that if you have the extra cash, give tmo a try while you've still got cingular active... Then you can either cancel tmo or cancel cingular and port your number...

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    With A Voice Plan Cingular Has A Personnal Data Plan Unlimited For 29.99 A Month And I Available On Every One Os Cingulars Towers

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    Any tower that Cingular can use T-Mobile can use as we have a roaming partnership. As for DATA speeds.... T-Mobile Edge is up to 220KBs......I dont know what Cingular promises

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    I think Cingular has an edge in areas where 3G is rolling out, but that doesn't make a difference for us since I don't think the Pearl (t-mobile's and upcoming Cingular version) will supports it.

    The only difference I've seen between my t-mo pearl and my previous 7130c on Cingular is that I got better coverage in fringe areas with Cingular. My pearl seems faster at loading webpages, but that may be just because it is processing faster than the 7130c.

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    When I tether my pearl the speeds I am getting in most areas is amazing. It is almost comparable with my cable modem at home.

    I couldnt believe it when I first set it up. I am using my pearl with T-Mobile unlimited blackberry internet/ email plan and its only $20 a month.

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