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If i turn off data services on my pearl will that stop it from trying ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Data Services


    If i turn off data services on my pearl will that stop it from trying to connect or using any of the data features. I dont want the blackberry service from cingular atm ( i will in a month or 2) but i dont wanna get charged either for anything atm.

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    Re: Data Services

    They shouldn't bill you anything at all unless you have a data plan. Your phone will automatically search for the data when you first activate it because it is enabled by default. You can get rid of the error message on the home screen by going to Options and then Network to turn Data Services to Off. Then the message will go away after you pull your battery out for more than 30 seconds or so. Then you can put your battery back in and turn your phone back on. Note that the battery pull will fix most problems you may have with your pearl. SoftReset is a handy little application you can use instead of having to remove your battery. Just search google or something for blackberry softreset. It is a free download that I highly recommend.
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