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hi im new here and need some help.. i just got my pearl unlocked it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    data connection refused


    hi im new here and need some help.. i just got my pearl unlocked it is a tmobile and im on cingular.. i cant the the internet to work. i do have a data plan and i already changed all the tcp ip setting but it still doesn work pleasse help thanks

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    Re: data problem refused

    welcome to the stacks!

    Have you tried resending your service books?
    Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Menu > Register Now

    hope that will fix your problem.

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    Re: data problem refused

    Check here..Options- Mobile Network.

    Make sure that Data Services is set to ON
    Network Selection Mode should be Automatic

    Then as mlin suggested register your device.
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    Re: data connection refused

    are you sure the tpn settings are set correctly?
    resend service books and then immediatly do a battery pull
    wait 2 min.. that should get it working
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    Re: data connection refused

    the above three persons are saying almost right procedure just check all the above written things and make sure you are in an area that supports data connection and you do not send, recieve messages while connecting to network and secondly no voice calls when data connection is in procedure

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    Re: data connection refused

    just to make certainly sure...when you say data plan, you mean a BLACKBERRY UNLIMITED DATA PLAN? right? should be costing you around 39.99 on ATT.

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