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    Custom Word List


    I'm baffled and hope someone has a simple answer. I use my pearl for phone services and email from business contacts. I rarely send email. I was going through my phone the other night trying to familiarize myself with features i rarely use and came across the "custom word list" . To my surprise there was a lenthy list of words, a significant number of which I never use. Where did they come from? Are they pre-loaded? Any help with this question would be appreciated.

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    Re: Custom Word List

    They are added from when you type. Your pearl will learn certain words. It's one of the things with Suretype. You may want to clear some of the random words. Also there is a setting where you can tell your pearl where it can learn the words from. I forget the exact path to the settings though. I no longer have a pearl.

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    Re: Custom Word List

    To clear your Wordlist, go to Options>Custom Wordlist.

    To change the Language Options for word learning, go to: Options>Language>Input Options. It will list Compound Words, Context Learning, Auto Word Learning, Use Address Book as Data Source and Automatic Word Learning From Messages.

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