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Originally Posted by myberrysrblack Pearl users show me the light. Why should I switch from ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by myberrysrblack View Post
    Pearl users show me the light. Why should I switch from ATT Curve to Sprint Pearl? Can I use Plazmic to create themes?!? I need somebody to make me a believer in terminating my service and going to a Pearl on another provider. I need spec differences to where I would benifit from gettin a Pearl. Also, does the Sprint Pearl have color LEDs and are the more programs available to the peral in general?!
    OK, I have three of the Sprint Blackberry 8130 (Pearl). I love them for the following reasons:
    1> I paid zero dollars for all three. I called them, asked for free, they passed me up, up, and ok'd.
    2> The predictive (SureType) is phenomenal. Really and truly, 99 % of what you type is exactly what you meant to type.
    3> The size and weight of the Pearl differ greatly from the Curve, which is never a bad thing. If you wanted to carry a laptop, you'd carry a laptop. So why carry the Curve which is huge compared to the Pearl?
    4> The Pearl has a 2.0 MP camera vs the ATT Pearl at 1.3 MP, the flash is spectacular, the GPS is well-integrated as compared to ATT, and the best thing - you can still get it for free.

    To conclude, the Pearl is great for the price, great for more even. All options are well integrated, allowing for a seamless transition from APP to APP, has all the features you could need, and is in a tiny gift-wrapped box of sexy. Amethyst color from Sprint is better than the Red; I got my wife the red one so she wouldn't mix it with my two amethyst ones. They look great.
    Happy hunting.

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    ~via BB ( I have had a full range of SureType devices (7100t, 7105t, 8100 and 8120) after dumping my 7730 4 years ago. Will never go back to a flat pancake.

    I love my Pearl even though I'm having fits keeping it running smoothly til my upgrade. The SureType is easy to get used to if you give it the time and attention it needs to learn the words, phrases, names, web and email addresses you use. Plus it feels more like a cell phone than a full keyboard BB, PPC. The screen and keyboard may be small but its not that hard to live with (and I'm a female with big hands). Good luck.
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    I just got a pearl for verizon and was pretty upset I didnt have the option for the the curve.

    A coworker got the curve and it is the phone that turned me on to blackberrys. I was just blown away with all the common sense features that even my voyager didnt have. So when the screen cracked on the LG it was time

    So after getting the pearl and playing with the Curve the only real dif I can tell is the size. Full keyboard a bit bigger screen along with more weight and less pocket space. Thats even if it will fit lol, jk

    But really the only dif in the specs as far as capabilities was the 40 min more talktime.

    So really unless your in need of a lil extra screen space. The pearl rocks.

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    Here we go the pearl is the sexyest smart phone on earth light and is just as much a blackberry as the full keyboarders but sleek fits in the front shirt pocket it sleeps with you and keeps you company when you are alone the camress great clean and clear music player works great keep 500 songs and one movie on my pearl at all times but ud you don't go with a pearl go with the curve

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    If you stick with a Curve 8310...., all your wildest dreams will come true
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    ask me
    I honestly type faster on my 8120 then my curve LOL. But. l love the screen size and the full qwerty better so I'd stick with the curve. sign up today!! come follow me at and win free blackberry of your choice and cash 1st 1,000 members. spread the word.

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    i just switched from a pearl to a curve and i ain't goin back......
    my thumbs hurt.......

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    as far as the fully qwerty goes, i don't really notice it much. I switched from a palm 700wx, and i love my pearl. I type just as fast (maybe faster because the keys on 8130 are bigger) as I did on the 700.

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    I love my pearl to death! At times I wish I had a full qwerty keyboard, but I like the button size of the pearl more. Coming from a regular phone this is so much easier to type on, but I can see why people would want to stick with a bigger BB.

    Personally, I prefer being able to type with one hand.

    via BB (

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