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    Couple questions about the Pearl


    I have used 2 88xx series BB's and haven't had any problems with the phone. I just started using a Pearl and there are a couple of questions I have.

    - When I go to open an attachment it just sits there and does nothing.
    - When I get a meeting request it doesn't give me the option to accept or deny
    - I can not restore any of my 8830 backups to the Pearl (they're all greyed out)

    Is this a capability issue with the Pearl or is this a bad install?

    Oh, and the Pearl is running 4.3 the 8830's were running 4.2
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    Re: Couple questions about the Pearl

    Everything you're mentioning is related to being on a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). To start with the last item, they're gryeyed out because you're on a BES and that info is restored from your BES account.

    Make sure you have the Attachment Service installed. If it's still not working after verifying it's installed, delete all Desktop[...] service books and resend.

    Make sure you have Wireless Synchronization set to Yes under Calendar --> Options. If you don't have it, it's another Desktop service book issue - same solution as above should work.

    Also, make sure you have no conflicts in your Calendar or Address Book. It is possible that it's a corruption in your BES account, but that's rare.

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